STEAM Learning in Music

STEAM Learning in Music
Posted on 03/06/2019

From February 21-27, 28 K-6 classes had to opportunity to put on their Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math hats to assembly a fully functioning pipe organ.   The OrgelkidsCAN program, sponsored by the Royal Canadian College of Organists and manufactured by the Létourneau Organ Company (Orgues Létourneau) from Saint-Hyacinthe, Québec, reached almost 700 students.  Classes loved the hands-on and inquiry based learning, making the pipes "sing", figuring out how to construct the organ and were very intrigued by the lack of electricity or electronics, and how every part was mechanically connected.   Most of all, they loved playing, selecting the stops to use, and pumping the bellows.


This event culminated with almost 300 students going to St. George's Cathedral in Kingston to hear Sarah Svendsen bring to life the largest musical instrument in the region - the Pipe Organ.  She was such a natural and engaging teacher and performer who adapted her program to the needs and interests of a younger generation.  Students took part in singing, playing freeze dance, movement for form and expression, hearing contemporary music transcribed for the organ, and ended with a crescendo of excitement as the Star Wars theme filled the enormous space for the finale.


Attached are some photos from several classes, and video we made with a green screen (link below)




David Rankin