Schedule Change

Schedule Change
Posted on 05/05/2020

Our proposed schedule change for the 2020/2021 school year has been approved. 

Our new balanced day schedule will be as follows:


· This change will maximize key instructional time first thing in the morning when our students tend to be most calm, alert and ready to learn.

· Having the first block of 120 minutes accommodates for entry routines, announcements and other interruptions that cut into actual instructional time.

· The shortest block in the afternoon occurs when students are most tired.

· All three blocks still allow for flexibility in scheduling of subject areas within required minutes of instruction (e.g., Literacy 100 mins/day, Math 60 mins/day etc).

· The schedule allows for greater flexibility when scheduling and would allow for more options and blocks in the gymnasium.

· Schools with this instructional block schedule report that it has worked well.

· The school start and dismissal times will remain unchanged, with no impact on before and after school programs or bus schedules.

· The length of the nutrition break/recess breaks will remain unchanged.