Butterfly & Fall Herb Garden

Butterfly & Fall Herb Garden
Posted on 09/23/2018
Butterfly & Fall Herb Garden
The ESJAM 'Growing Young Minds'  Butterfly & Fall Herb Garden  is open and ready for students and the community to inquire, observe, compare and have a hands-on learning experience!

Mrs. Hart/Strathy's class along with Ms. Bryson's class were very fortunate to watch the transformation of the Butterfly Lifecycle happen in their classrooms. It truly was a magical experience for all our young learners. Mrs. Moreland shared her love of butterflies by  providing our classrooms with caterpillars and a number of chrysalis. This allowed the MAGIC to unfold in our classrooms.

The Butterfly Garden at ESJAM is filled with many flowers that attract butterflies including ... Coneflowers, a Butterfly bush, Black-eyed Susan, Russian sage and Milkweed. How exciting it was for us to release our butterflies in our very own School  Butterfly Garden.

In addition, we have created a Fall Herb Garden. This garden is ideal for comparing and learning about a variety of herbs that can be grown in a garden or pot. It was created for primary and junior students to use their senses to compare the smell, feel and look of the herbs. The older students are encouraged to research how the herbs are best used to create healthy and tasty cuisine.

Mrs. Hart/Strathy Grade 2 class, along with many other classes, have been watering and weedingthe garden to ensure it continues to grow during the fall months.  

We believe these are all valuable lessons that ultimately teach our students the importance of the world they live incaring for living things, reducing our global footprint, the lifecycle of plants and insects (butterflies, grasshoppers, etc.) and so much more.

Be sure to visit the Butterfly & Fall Herb Garden and see first hand the natural beauty our students have created and are maintaining!