Garden Club

Spring Garden Club
Posted on 06/09/2018
Garden Club at workÉcole Sir John A. MacDonald's first Garden Club/Club de jardin had a huge turn out. With over fifty grade three and four students signing up in April at our first meeting. When meeting with the group they had amazing ideas as we co-created lists of their roles and responsibilities. They also wanted to educate our younger students about the importance of our gardens and why at recess we should not be digging or playing in the gardens. We are helping create leaders in our school through this club. They attended weekly meetings where we designed and created their own unique club shirts, learned about the importance of gardens and made plans for our big planting event.  We would like to thank School Council for donating $300 to our club to help in purchasing flowers, plants and tools. The group prepared a garden bed in front of the school and around the flag pole by weeding and turning over the soil. We then planted many perennials, annuals and ground covers. In the coming weeks we will be weeding, putting down mulch as well as helping with our Three Sisters Garden in the back field. These students will also have the responsibility of following a schedule to help water/maintain the plants in June as well as during the summer months with other community volunteers. We hope the pop of color helps brighten the entrance to the school and for our community!