Green Team Challenge!

Green Team Challenge
Posted on 02/05/2019

Since the beginning of December the GREEN TEAM has been focusing on recycling at the school.  They have made sure that recycling centers were set up in all the pods with proper separation for cardboard, plastics and paper.  Enthusiastically, the green team spent time teaching and supporting our younger students in their classrooms. 

After some practice and training, we had a recycling challenge for the month of January…where the green team checked garbages at the end of the second nutrition break.  Results were displayed for all the classroom on the second and third floors.  As well, the classroom with “0” recyclables in their garbage were rewarded with their name being announced daily on our morning announcements.  At the end of the month the green team made prizes for both Mme Adams and Mr. Hofer’s classes….for they had the least amount of recyclables.  Overall, all the classrooms made huge improvements at making sure recycled items do not end up at a landfill.  Way to go SirJam students!!!!