Growing Young Minds' Garden Projects

Growing Young Minds' Garden Projects
Posted on 11/20/2018

We are off to a fabulous start at Ecole Sir John A Macdonald PS. We believe in developing the understanding and importance of growing your own garden and teaching our students the value of sustainability, buying locally and reducing your global footprint.

Butterfly/ Three Sisters & Herb Garden

In September, many classes had an opportunity to inquire, explore and launch their butterflies from our Butterfly / Three Sisters  & Herb Garden. What a fabulous way for our students to extend their classroom learning experience to our outside garden. We are hopeful our butterflies will return from down south (Mexico) in the spring.

Loving Spoonfuls Grow Project with Gr. 5/6

This fall Ms. Barton's ~ Gr. 5/6 Class began working on a joint Grow Project with Brenda Moore, the lead teacher for the Loving Spoonful Grow program. They have had a chance to take part in many learning experiences such as:  visiting a local farm "Salt to Earth" where they picked and tasted kale, carrots, and swiss chard. They fed the pigs and cows, and petted a chicken! In addition, the Gr. 5/6 students have planted a crop of garlic in one of the raised Garden beds to harvest in the spring.  They also enjoyed making salsa together. Their next exciting project/garden experience  will be making Kale Smoothies.

Community Fall  Garden Clean-Up

At the end of September, staff, students and parent volunteers worked collaboratively to clean out our raised garden beds in preparation for winter and we moved one of the beds to a location that will receive more sunlight and a little less rain which will in turn create a better growing (vegetables) opportunity. We also prepared the garden located at the front entrance of the school with fresh soil in preparation for planting spring bulbs. Thank you to our parents, students and staff volunteers. What a fabulous school/ community project.

Kindergarten Tulip Garden 

In October, all eight Kindergarten Classes planted tulip bulbs in the Butterfly/ Three Sisters & Herb garden with Mrs. Jane Macdonald (Retired Teacher/Community Volunteer) and Mrs. 💗. We can hardly wait to see them emerge in the spring to create a beautiful spring garden. The students enjoyed digging in the soil, planting their tulip (red, yellow and pink) bulbs and learning a tulip poem. The bulbs  are all now snug in the ground and fast a sleep until Spring arrives. 

                              Kindergarten Tulip Garden Poem

                                                   This is our garden,

                                                We’ll plant it with care.

                                                Here are the tulip bulbs,

                                                   We’ll plant in there.

                                        When the snow melts and Spring arrives …

                                                    The sun will shine.

                                                    The rain will fall.

                                                 The bulbs will sprout

                                                     and grow up tall.

Garden Club 

We are very proud to announce we created an official Growing Young Minds Garden Club  (Grades 1-6) including one student representative from each class. We have had two meetings thus far. At the end of October we met and  researched how to plant fall bulbs. At the beginning of November we met to plant daffodil, hyacinth and tulip bulbs at the front entranceway of our school.  We thought this would be a wonderful way to include all the classrooms by having one student from each class be part of our special  Growing Young Minds Garden Club. How beautiful it will look next spring for our parents, staff, and students to enjoy, in addition to our visitors. Our next Garden Club  meeting will be in January to learn and explore the value of growing a herb garden in a pot  during the winter months.

Garden Club Information Board

Please check our ‘Growing Young Minds’ Garden Information  Board located near the gazebo. Thank you to Christine Innocente (Parent / Volunteer) for putting together a fabulous display board including all that has been happening in the garden from 2016-2018.

A special thank you to Anna and our Garden team  for helping get everything ready in preparation for our little gardens to work their magic.

This promises to be a fabulous learning experience for all our students. 

Your Garden Team Coordinators,

Mme. Pilutti, Mme. Haslett, Mme. Louise, Mrs. Siemonsen, Mrs. 💗 

🌷 😊 🌷 😊 🌷 😊 🌷 😊