The GROW Project

The GROW Project
Posted on 09/18/2019






The students in Mrs. Barton’s and Ms. Edmondson’s classes are participating in Loving Spoonful’s school garden GROW program, joining 20 local elementary schools where Grade 4 - 8 students learn about growing and preparing good food, collaboration, and community. Each fall, GROW students participate in Loving Spoonful classroom workshops on food systems, social justice and food security, and food and culture, while making healthy snacks from garden-grown produceIn the spring and fallstudents plant, nurtureharvest and enjoy vegetables from their school gardens while learning values of teamworkenvironmental stewardship, and responsibility. Students meet farmers and participate in field trips to a farm and to Little Cataraqui Creek Conservation Area. The GROW Project is embedded in the Ontario curriculum with direct links to expectations in a variety of subject areas including Science, Social Studies, and Health. 

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Experiential and hands-on learning approaches such as GROW have been shown to have many positive outcomes including:  


  • increasing children’s willingness to try new foods and ability to identify healthy choices; 

  • positively influencing student diets as 

  • a result of understanding the benefits of fruits & vegetables;  

  • increasing students’ knowledge and understanding of the curriculum related skills and concepts taught; 

  • providing opportunities for boosting physical activity and exercise; 

  • developing positive attitudes towards learning in general 


The GROW Project offers a host of benefits that encourages a generation of youth to become both engaged members of the community and stewards of the environment. Extra produce from GROW school gardens is donated back to Loving Spoonful and distributed to local shelters and meal programs. 


There are opportunities to volunteer in classroom workshops and our garden. Please contact GROW Coordinator Anne Munier to become involved.

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The GROW Project Team  



By 2020, The GROW Project will be operating in 21 elementary schools in KFL&A thanks to funding from the Ontario Trillium Foundation. GROW operates in collaboration and with support from the Limestone District School Board, dedicated teachers, parents, and community volunteers.