Track & Field

Majorly Proud of our athletes!
Posted on 06/09/2018
Track & Field team 2018MAJORs RED swept across the Invista track and jumping pits on Monday, June 4, 2018.  Despite a cloudy start to the day and a handful of strong gusts of wind and rain, the 96 grade 3-6 students who represented Ecole SirJAM School did so with MAJOR character and great skill!  Students dedicated time before school and during nutrition breaks to work with teacher-volunteer coaches to work on improving the length of long jumps, the coordination of their hop-step-jump for triple jump, quick starts for sprints and endurance for long distance races, and boy did it pay off!  
The following students were especially successful at the regional meet, winning medals in their respective categories:
Atom Girls:   Gold - Nicole P., Silver - Cassie B., Bronze - Claire A.
Bantam Girls:  Gold - Sadie W-S, Silver - Jestyne H.
Bantam Boys:  Gold - Nick M., Silver - Weston E.& Cutter F.
On Wednesday, June 13, 45 SirJAM students will return to Invista to represent our school and compete against area students at the LDSB Championship meet.
A very special thank you goes out to the following teacher-volunteer coaches and parents who have given of their time and skill to prepare the MAJORS:  Mrs. Bowen, M. Clement, Mr. Don Clowater, Mme. Dorsey, Mr. Hofer, Mme. Matheson, Mr. Melbourne, Mme. Pilutti, Mme. Pottier, Mrs. Smith, Mme. Smith and Mme. Znotins